How to launch a successful TikTok page for Zyntern (a Hungarian start-up)?

Túri, Noémi (2022) How to launch a successful TikTok page for Zyntern (a Hungarian start-up)? MA/MSc thesis, BCE Kommunikáció és Szociológia Intézet, Kommunikáció- és Médiatudomány Tanszék.

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As the landscape of marketing communication changes, companies need to adapt to new trends. In recent years, using social media has become extremely important for brand awareness (Holt, 2016). In my Thesis project, I studied TikTok, which is a relatively new, increasingly popular, and influential platform. TikTok is wildly popular, it was the most downloaded non-gaming app worldwide in September of 2021 with more than 59 million installs (Iqbal, 2022), which has grown into a viable marketing platform for brands and industries of all kinds. The aim of this paper was to analyze TikTok from a business account point of view. I narrowed my focus down to how a Hungarian start-up called Zyntern can launch its TikTok page in the most efficient way. Since the company’s target group is 18-28 years old young people, it was a logical step for them to be present on the social media platform (TikTok) used mostly by the young generation. The first half of my paper included market research and competitor analysis which focused on international and Hungarian examples as well. The aim of this part was to get a clear idea about the type of content that can generate the most views and interactions on the platform. Building on the findings of the research I developed a concrete marketing plan for Zyntern’s TikTok account. It included scripts for short videos, timing, and copywriting for the posts and suggested hashtags. Finally, in the last part of the research, I created the TikTok account for Zyntern, and published 15 posts I designed. After analyzing the analytics of the videos, I concluded that participating in trends generated the most views and engagement, while promotional videos designed for Instagram performed below average. Furthermore, parkourthemed videos performed around or below average and movie-related content produced results below or around average. Further research could maybe focus on how one video could perform if posted at different times or with different music or even hashtags. Or another option could be to expand the scope of the study and analyze different types of contents, like dance-videos, prank-videos, beauty-videos, educational videos or any other type of content and how they would perform targeting the same audience.

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