A napenergia villamos energia termelő lehetőségének bemutatása egy beruházáson keresztül

Tamás, Norbert Krisztián (2012) A napenergia villamos energia termelő lehetőségének bemutatása egy beruházáson keresztül. Postgraduate thesis, BCE, Közgazdasági Továbbképző Intézet.

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Nowadays, with the usage of the renewable energy sources, solar power investments increasingly come into view. In my essay, I intend to demonstrate the types of solar power systems, their operation, application and the advantages of their utilization. I would like to provide a view on the regulation of renewable energy market, its standards and the relating supporting system. I analyze the economical factors of a concrete solar power investment from a view of natural conditions and on the other hand, from the view of economical environment. Considering the local conditions (numbers of sunshine hours), the inflation and changes of energy prices, I investigate the return of investment (ROI) and profitability with the application of net present value methodology. Furthermore, I compare the changes of economic indicators of the investment, in the view of application or ignorance of an occur rent state support.

Item Type:Postgraduate thesis
Subjects:Environmental economics, environment protection
Management, business policy
Energy economy
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Specialisation:Energiagazdálkodási szak
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