Attitudes of students towards education and its institutions

Németh, Tamás Gyula (2022) Attitudes of students towards education and its institutions. BA/BSc thesis, BCE Kommunikáció és Szociológia Intézet, Szociológia és Társadalompolitika Tanszék.

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The thesis observes the different attitudes of students towards education and its institutions. The aim of this study is to identify if different types of educational tools, such as standardized tests and classroom activities, have a positive effect on the student and which of these tools are considered to be more efficient in creating a better environment for the students. With the use of quantitative methods, could the data gathered be sufficient in showing a clear sign of preference, where the qualitative data collected might not have. Education is one of the core elements of modern society, and its tools of expanding their capabilities and understanding of the world and its importance can be viewed in the individual and societal benefits of higher education. As such, we have invested heavily into the education of newer generations whilst seemingly the curriculums and classes have remained very similar for over a century. This seemingly inconsistent development in the area of education has left many wondering whether a new wave of educated adults will change these curriculums, especially during the 2020 and 2021 global pandemic, which completely changed the environment and resources that students are equipped with using the information gathered before by Andreas Schleicher and UNICEF, we can see if the educational changes during the pandemic have correlated to the idea of Education 4.0 theorized by Dr. Siti Hajar Halili and Anealka Aziz Hussin as we will be able to compare the visions that came before the global pandemic and the one that has been implemented. The usage of standardized tests will be one of the main issues surveyed in the quantitative research where Lois A. Eaton's paper will shine some light on the test's presence throughout modern education. Education as a whole is a complex matrix of different systems, so finding an exact answer for our issues is difficult, although this thesis tackles all of the above mentioned problems.

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