Feasibility of the C2C model and the business model of the catering industry in Europe

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What is C2C, the development of this model in Europe and China, as well as some comparisons between C2C and B2C, B2B. The development and current situation of the catering industry and the benefits and conveniences of combining the new business model with the catering industry. In the process, I also collected some data, and organized into charts, more intuitive expression. The catering industry is of great significance to the economic development and the improvement of the people's living standard. Strengthening the research on the development strategy of the catering industry and putting forward the policy orientation to promote the development of the catering industry is helpful to the rapid and harmonious development of the economy and society. Research on the development strategy of catering industry will effectively alleviate the pressure of employment. At present and in the future, the employment situation is still severe, employment pressure is still huge. As a traditional industry in the tertiary industry, the catering industry has the characteristics of labor-intensive and can absorb the labor force. In addition, with the development of the catering industry, the new demand for agricultural products and the adjustment of agricultural industrial structure will also bring about more and more factors. There will also be more jobs. Studying the development strategy of the catering industry will help to improve the living standard of the people. The catering industry has a long history, culinary culture has a long history, and the consumer market is extremely broad. In the average annual consumption expenditure per person of urban residents, the expenditure on dining out is increasing year by year. With the increase of dining out, food and beverage enterprises are required to make great efforts in traditional store management to improve the quality of their whole products and to meet the increasing enjoyment and nutrition requirements of consumers.The research on the development strategy of catering industry is helpful to upgrade the catering industry and improve its competitiveness. Through the study on the development strategy of catering industry, it is helpful to promote the catering industry to change the old management mode, carry out the characteristic operation, improve the mode of production, raise the level of management and service, and increase the content of science and technology, so as to meet the needs of opening up the market. Therefore, the catering industry should speed up upgrading and improve competitiveness in order to meet the increasing needs of the people's living standards. For a long time, the catering industry has played an important role in expanding consumption and promoting economic growth. At present, Internet Catering is bringing new opportunities to traditional catering industry, which is changing from traditional service industry to modern service industry. From the perspective of development, with the acceleration of the pace of life of residents, the renewal of consumption concepts, the increase of paid holidays and holidays, and the change of consumption style, the service mode and market structure of the traditional catering industry are undergoing tremendous changes. Market space because of the introduction of the "Internet", has been a new expansion, associated with the market opportunities are also increasing. The relevant parties should fully understand the importance of the catering industry, give active support to "Internet catering" in terms of lightening the burden of enterprises and the layout of outlets, fully tap the development potential of the catering industry, and optimize the structure of the catering industry. Guide the innovative transformation of catering industry, promote the transformation of traditional catering industry to modern service industry. In recent years, with the rapid development of the Internet, the pace of integration and innovation of "Internet catering" is constantly accelerating. Through the combination of online capital flow, information flow advantage and offline logistics, experience, service advantage, and smooth consumption channels, Reduce transaction costs and develop convenient, fast and affordable service models. A large number of third-party takeout platforms to obtain multiple rounds of financing, market concentration further improved. Internet catering ushered in a new round of market blowout, 2013 online ordering APP into the lives of urban residents, become one of the people's mobile phones standing software, online ordering APP will find innumerable restaurant stores When you move your fingers, you can enjoy the good food. Residents have entered the era of popular consumption, different people have formed different consumption characteristics and consumption needs, especially with the improvement of living standards, the acceleration of the pace of life, the innovation of life style, residents go out to eat, The number of family and friends reunions increased. In addition, various types of public affairs in society, frequent business activities, the rapid development of domestic tourism market and other factors play a common role, directly driving the food and beverage market sales.

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