The rise of online streaming media video platform: The user's watching habits, attitudes, and preferences about online streaming video platforms in China

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Watching videos through online streaming video platforms has gradually become a popular entertainment method for contemporary people and an important part of the cultural industry in the current market. With the rapid development of electronic manufacturing industry and Internet technology, the online streaming video platform is constantly being transformed and upgraded. Its development speed and growth scale are an existence that cannot be ignored in the world. It is foreseeable that with the increasing dependence of humans on the Internet and the acceleration of human life, the online streaming media that is not restricted by time, place and content, and highly personalized, will become more and more popular. At the same time, China's online streaming media market has been developing rapidly since 2005. Various streaming media platforms continue to appear, eliminated or expanded. At present, with the intervention of the Chinese government and commercial giants, China’s online streaming media market has gradually formed a market trend led by the three major platforms of iQiyi, Tencent Video and Youku. Under this trend, t the marketing that used to win the scale of users is no longer applicable. With the gradual increase in copyright awareness of Chinese users, as well as the increase in user consumption levels and consumer willingness, user payment methods such as VIP membership subscription and video on demand have gradually become the main source of income for video websites. As an online streaming video website that provides entertainment service products, if the enterprise wants to better develop its business and ensure its longevity and steady development, it must put users in the first place, understand users’ viewing habits, attitudes, preferences as well as consumption habits, and marketing from the perspective of customers. This thesis summarizes marketing theory, traditional 4Ps theory, service marketing theory, 4Cs marketing theory for serving customers, and the concept and development of media economy, analyzes the development process of traditional marketing to customer-oriented service marketing theory, and fully understands the customer Plays a vital role in enterprise development. Then, starting from the historical development of online streaming media and the development and current situation of China's online streaming media market, it analyzes the environment and influencing factors of China's online streaming media development. On the other hand, it summarizes the types and types of online streaming media platforms and service products in China, and classifies users and consumers of online streaming media in China. It also introduced and used the online questionnaire survey method to collect user usage information, combined with the information collected through China's existing online streaming video platform, and analyzed the current situation of China's online streaming media market from the perspective of users. Finally, using 4C and 4P theory to propose an ideal service marketing strategy for China's online streaming media platform: China’s online streaming media platforms should pay attention to young and middle-aged people with high education, stable income and good social status. In terms of the production and provision of video content products, they should mainly output videos from three aspects. Movies, TV series and variety shows. In addition, the platform should enrich the basic video content, provide a smooth and clear watching experience, watching privileges and high-quality audiovisual enjoyment to attract users to purchase paid products, and focus on collecting more high quality video copyright, and produce more high-quality original video content, and simplify the layout of product content, highlight paid products, improve the convenience of paid products, and strengthen effective communication with users, and timely understand user preferences and respond and communicate the latest news of the platform to users in a timely manner. As a provider of entertainment service products, use advanced marketing tools to continuously improve the product and customer relationship system, put the user's experience and preferences as the main consideration, and improve the adverse factors between the product and the user. Combining production products with consumers can achieve a win-win situation of corporate profitability and customer satisfaction.

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