Analysis of Huawei’s and Apple’s laptop marketing strategies

Li, Yibo (2020) Analysis of Huawei’s and Apple’s laptop marketing strategies. BA/BSc thesis, BCE, International Study Programs. Szabadon elérhető változat / Unrestricted version:

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With the development of the times, technology continues to progress. Electronic products have been integrated into our lives. Today, with the increasing homogeneity of electronic products, enterprise competition is no longer just a substitute for product quality, but also a competition in marketing strategies. Nowadays, whoever has a good marketing design and a proper application will be able to take the initiative in the market, excellent marketing strategy has also become the key to corporate competition. In this paper, the marketing strategy of Huawei laptops and Apple laptops is used as the research object, using marketing, and other theoretical foundations, combined with Porter’s five forces model and SWOT analysis(Horváth, 2017), to analyze the product strategy, sales strategy, brand recognition and other factors that determine the marketing strategy of the two manufacturers. Through questionnaires and comparative analysis, the article found that the factors affecting the sales of Huawei laptops are price, after-sales service and quality; Apple laptops are brand effects, operating systems, and applications. Finally, the article suggests that Huawei laptops can perfecting the product line, improving product quality, and entering the high-end market

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