The Bicycle Sharing Industry In China, Could It Be Long-lasting?

Han, Yumo (2021) The Bicycle Sharing Industry In China, Could It Be Long-lasting? BA/BSc thesis, BCE, International Study Programs.

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Bicycle sharing is a new mode of transportation and a new industry that has emerged in recent years. Yet the rapid growth of shared bicycle has given rise to various problems that need to be solved. The study concludes that, in terms of economic attributes, bicycle sharing is a commercial transportation service, not a sharing economy; while in terms of transportation functions, shared bicycle has the dual functions of improving the convenience of public travel and reducing traffic congestion along with pollution emissions; in terms of comprehensive effects, bicycle sharing has triggered structural changes in the urban transportation, and structural reactions in the bicycle industry; shared bicycle has encountered problem in its rapid development: indiscriminate parking leads to indiscriminate parking leads to In terms of sharing development and improving people's livelihood, shared economy helps improve quality of life for the people, yet there will be problems, just like anything new on the market. In the bigger picture, it is the responsibility of the government and enterprises to collaborate on solving those problems encountered in the development of shared bicycles and give full play to the function of shared bicycles in improving transportation. In the thesis, I have used indirect but root-cause data, analysis from the supplier’s viewpoint, on financial situations of both OFO and Mobike, . Besides that, I have also included pertinent online data and self-designed questionnaire to analyse the customer feedback on their experience of using shared bicycle, so as to find root cause for the problems that affected the development of bicycle sharing industry in the Chinese market. With analysis on the success of counterparts in other countries, the thesis provides a few scenarios that could help bicycle sharing industry to develop better and be long last in Chinese market. In summary, the government should establish regulations to foster a competitive but development-friendly environment for bicycle sharing players locally; While the bicycle sharing enterprises should continuously improve technology and management, and improve their service level to promote the sustainable development of shared bicycle.

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