The Roots of Peace and Prosperity: United States Predominance in the Global Economy

Ganbold, Mungunshagai (2020) The Roots of Peace and Prosperity: United States Predominance in the Global Economy. BA/BSc thesis, BCE Nemzetközi, Politikai és Regionális Tanulmányok Intézet, Nemzetközi Kapcsolatok Tanszék. Szabadon elérhető változat / Unrestricted version:

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This study will examine the relationship between the United States’ economic development after the Second World War and the role that it played in bringing peace and prosperity to the world. I will illustrate how a rules-based order supported by American political and economic strength brought relative stability and order to a world that was recovering from the war. Under the U.S. - led rules-based order countries over the world became secure enough to start exchanges and start to view international trade as beneficial. As the economic ties strengthened and multilateral international institutions propagated peace and trade, the economic development of the world grew at high rates, as countries grew to demand more and more goods and services from America. International trade and investment in education and research will grow the global economy and prepare the American workforce for an economically interdependent system. The living standards of the average American will grow in the postwar years as the middle class will welcome millions. Rising consumerism and of suburbia will change the American landscape forever. The post-1945 world of America and its citizens will enter a new period in its economic, political, and social history.

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Economic development, sustainable development
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