Public private partnerships in Mongolia: implementations and results

Tsogbaatar, Janraidul (2017) Public private partnerships in Mongolia: implementations and results. MA/MSc thesis, BCE Közgazdaságtudományi Kar, Közgazdálkodás és Közpolitika Tanszék.

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Countries around the world are increasingly turning to collaboration between public and private sectors in Public Private Partnerships for provision of services as governments are increasingly finding it difficult to finance public projects by themselves. Mongolia like other emerging nations around the globe have adopted Public Private Partnerships only recently in order to promote economic development. Furthermore, road infrastructure development in Mongolia is one the key foundations for economic growth. The research was conducted in order to analyze the framework of Public Private Partnership in Mongolia and uncover issues that are hindering successful implementation of such projects. Key stakeholders relevant to Public Private Partnership as well as document review has been examined in detail using qualitative research methods. The qualitative research methods involved in-depth interviews with stakeholders representing both public and private sector. The results showed that there are issues such as weak governance, incomplete legal framework as well as scarcity of expertise in the private and public sectors that should be further improved if Public Private Partnership projects in Mongolia is to expand to other economic sectors. The results of the research work are presented such that they can be used as supplement to further research in the area.

Item Type:MA/MSc thesis
Subjects:International relations
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