Position of China in New Hegemonic Cycle: Impact of normative power on hegemony

Medjedovic, Mina (2021) Position of China in New Hegemonic Cycle: Impact of normative power on hegemony. MA/MSc thesis, BCE Nemzetközi, Politikai és Regionális Tanulmányok Intézet, Nemzetközi Kapcsolatok Tanszék.

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This dissertation aims to study and analyze how the Chinese strategic framework correlates to the new hegemonic cycle and how the activities conducted on domestic and foreign policy plans impact their position as potential hegemon. Using Neo-Gramscian and governmentally theory and combining actor-based and system base approach, the thesis points out the importance of normative power as a crucial element of the 21st-century hegemonic process using China as a case study. The goal is to observe the results of China's activities in mentioned areas and point out the factors that might have limited the fulfillment of desired goals. The thesis concludes that extensive effort has been made into the hegemonic climb, but China’s tools have had limited results. Lastly, it indicates the relevance that social forces have in the processes and how this theoretical framework can be used outside of its original scope. The thesis consists of a chapter related to the Chinese strategic framework as the basis for the analysis of Chinese policy; the theoretical framework chapter elaborating on theory adequacy for the Chinese case study analysis indicating correlated elements; chapter dedicated to Chinese case study explaining the practical applicability of theory and areas that will be analyzed; economic, domestic and foreign policy chapters elaborating in detail on the tools applied by China in reaching leadership role and how these effect on normative power and hegemony; lastly, a chapter dedicated to the results of these tools and problems that may arise in the study.

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