Political Development of Georgia and Ukraine from 1991 – 2016

Kandelaki, Alexander (2019) Political Development of Georgia and Ukraine from 1991 – 2016. MA/MSc thesis, BCE Társadalomtudományi és Nemzetközi Kapcsolatok Kar, Nemzetközi Tanulmányok Intézet. Szabadon elérhető változat / Unrestricted version: http://publikaciok.lib.uni-corvinus.hu/publikus/szd/Kandelaki_Alexander.pdf

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This paper will discuss internal and external factors that influenced political development of Georgia and Ukraine from 1991-2016. The major aim of research is to present the reasons and results of political development of Georgia and Ukraine and explain why they choose given political course. On the basis of research question: What internal and external factors had an impact on the political development in Georgia and Ukraine? On the basis of research question three persons have been interviewed and relevant sources, books and articles have been used. Paper includes hypothesis: The core values of Western countries are crucially important for political development of Ukraine and Georgia. This paper will argue about decisions countries made and options that were available for them, the path of political development. Furthermore, paper will examine the past and present political course of countries and discuss the main reasons for political transition of Georgia and Ukraine. The paper will start from the independence of countries and conclude with the events that influenced countries political course and changed it significantly. Moreover, paper will show the development path of Georgian and Ukrainian public and show how they transformed and changed for the given period. The main aim of this paper is to argue that these two countries internal and external processes were the result of political transition and development. Also, paper will claim and show that countries Western choice had no alternative, because in other way both countries would still be in same economic and political level, which means extreme poverty, corruption and lack of future perspective.

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